Ummm. Sickr?

What the heck?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Tamagotchi News

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Haven’t really had much time, but this will be a big post.
Okay, first thing’s first:
  • There will be another Tamagotchi Movie coming out at the end of the year. The name roughly translates to "Tamagotchi: Really The Happiest Story In The Universe?" and it seems to be based on a fairytale theme, like the Tamagotchi arcade game.
  • You remember my post about Mario Kart Arcade GP2? I finally saw one at a nearby shop, and when I have the time I’ll have a go as Mametchi. i’ll film it too, and put it on Photobucket for you to watch.
  • On many Bandai Japan press release sites, it mentions that with the FamiTama you could get a DVD extra in Japan only. Now, it’s come international! I’m getting one sometime is August, and I’ll post pictures here soon. I’ll also post the hatchi topic on Tama-Zone, and I’ll link to it here.
  • The Tamagotchi V5.5 has been confirmed that it’s not coming to the UK, and I’m not sure about Australia.
  • There is a Tamagotchi V6 in the making! No-one knows what’s going to be in it, but a person from Bandai UK said that the plans look good!
  • Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3 is confirmed to be released here in October 1st, or 31st. Many different websites say different things, either of these two usually.
  • In Japan, several more Tamagotchi mobile phone games have been released! It even has a small shop, called Tama-Zon, instead of Amazon!
  • BREAKING NEWS: V5.5 Designs have been released! Or are they the V5.5? Here:

More information regarding Tamagotchis and High School Musical 3 (and 4 yes that’s right!) later.

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Tamagotchi Anime (Saa Ikou Tamagotchi) #2

Tamagotchi Anime #2
Mametchi makes a great invention…a pen that writes out math equations for him to solve! Surprisingly, his friends are not impressed, and Mametchi falls into depression. Seeing this, Chamametchi takes it upon herself to secretly make some modifications…  
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High School Musical 3 Sneak Peak

Like I said yesterday about how I love High School Musical, I found this video: enjoy.

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Which High School Musical Character Are You?

I found this on the web. As well as Tamagotchis, I also like High School Musical. I am Gabriella Montez, which is scary, seeming as I am male.
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Tamagotchi no FuriFuri Kagekidan

Above is the new Japanese Wii video game "Tamagotchi no FuriFuri Kagekidan", translating into English as "Tamagotchi Dance Fever". It will come to America sometime this year, and there is no precisely known release date for any country outside Japan.
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