Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year (Part 1)

I haven’t been doing much today, so I decided to talk about the new year and christmas. Well, I had a really good christmas, it was fun! I got a lot of High School Musical stuff, which was good. I love High School Musical. I got the soundtrack of High School musical 2, the novelisation of High School Musical 2, the High School Musical Encore Edition on DVD and the High School Musical 2 Extended Edition on DVD. Now can you tell I like High School Musical? I already had the High School Musical 1 Novelisation, so yeah.
I also got a Tamagotchi V4.5 Jelly Bean Design to go with the Tamagotchi V4.5 Exclusive I got that came with a PC pack (see Tamagotchi Connection list for more details.) That was fun, and now I’ve got 2 of the exact same Tamagotchis, they can do more stuff!
I also got other stuff, but they were the main points.
I’ll talk more about this sort of stuff tomorrow. See ya!
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One Response to Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year (Part 1)

  1. Kyle says:

    That was stupid. Who ares about that? i mean, seriously, come on!

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