Digimon the 2nd and Aki Maita’s New Toy… (?)

According to this link, Aki Maita is making a new toy that she says will sell even better than Tamagotchi. I can’t wait! And according to this link there is a commercial for Digimon in the US (I live in Australia). People have said that what’s the point of having a commercial for an old TV show, and other people have said that its not a show, it’s a new toy from Bandai.
NEW?!?! I’ve already got a Digimon, version 10. So either those people are seriously mistaken, or there is a new sort of Digimon coming out. I can’t wait! Anyway, I was wondering if this Digimon toy was in any way related to Aki Maita’s new toy she hoped that was better than Tamagotchi. It’s probably not, but it might be… anyway that interview was old (1997, when the original Tamagotchis were made) so it might have already been released. For example, maybe it was Tamagotchi Connection. But Maita did say that it was better than Tamagotchi, which quite possibly indicates it’s not Tamagotchi related.
Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for more info, and if you have anything about this you might like to tell me, be sure to post a comment to my space about it. It would be much appreciated.
Okay, that’s it for today, seeya!

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