My Stay at My Nanna’s House (Part 1)

On the 23rd January 2008, I went to stay at my nanna’s house. Instead of going there straight away, we went on a train, tram and bus ride around the city. At about 11:45 am, we left Heatherdale Station and were set for Flinders Street.  (I know this is a picture of a plane, but there were no train pictures, so I chose this.)
When we got to Flinders Street, we went to the information centre to get information about what was going on at the moment. The lady at the desk told us that there was a Ferris Wheel down at Birrarung Marr. So we decided to go to that, and then have lunch at Southbank.
The Ferris Wheel was good, and I have photos of it – well, rather my brother has photos of it, but he won’t let me use them, even if I obscure him and everyone else. Worrywart  
Anyway, after that we had lunch at Southbank.I had sushi with tuna and cucumber, and I picked out the cucumber.
After that we had a look around for what we could do next. We saw a tram, and decided to catch a tram around Melbourne. I got a Mentos because the next tram was a long time away. We ended up not catching the next tram, but the City Circle, which just took us around the city. After that, we went to Melbourne Central Station and took the train to Heatherdale. (Yes I know there’s still no picture of a train!)
At nanna’s house, we just watched the tennis (Ferrer vs. Djocovich if that’s how you spell it) and had chicken tenders for tea. I nearly had barbecue sauce on my chicken that was best before… get this… DECEMBER 2006!!!
Anyway thats basically the end of that day, and I went to bed.
The next day, I woke up at about 6 am, and read on for more information. See ya!
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