Tamagotchi Updates, visa vis V5.5

Sorry that I haven’t blogged or anything in a while, I completely forgot about my space. Whoops!
Well, I’ve been on recently, and slowly I am adding more content as I can. I have noticed that overall, since my space began, it has had nearly 200 views!!!   Thanks guys! And I promise, to keep you all happy, I’ll post more often. In your comments, tell me what’s good about my space, and what could be improved.
Anyway, that’s enough about my space for now. As you may notice re: the title of this blog, I’m about to talk about Tamagotchi Updates, and mostly about the new Tamagotchi Royal V5.5.
According to a Bandai press release, it stated that in Autumn 2008 (America) the Tamagotchi V5 will have even more radical families that can grow up to be athletes, models, celebrities or even a royal family. Basically, everyone on forums such as Tamatalk and Tama-Zone assumed that there would be another half version, like the V4 and the V4.5. And sure enough, a couple of weeks later, a new Tamagotchi was featured on the Tamagotchi Channel, called the Tamagotchi Royal FamiTama.
Like the FamiTama (japanese equivalent of the V5), the Royal FamiTama has the option of a DVD, that will have new games and new items featured on it; 4 new games, basically based on the new characters; it can connect with original FamiTamas and international equivalent, and also it’s own type; and lastly includes bout 60 new items and 30 new characters. There is a character chart coming soon, and I’ll post the link of it up on my next blog. I’ll also post up more pictures of the V5/FamiTama and the V5.5/Royal FamiTama later. Just need more time.
Just like the FamiTama was turned into the V5 with minor differences, the same will happen with the Royal FamiTama. That’s right, the V5.5.
And also Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3 is releasing in America in the 2nd or 3rd quarter, so I will expect to get it in 3rd or 4th. More information about that when it becmes available.
And just before I end this blog, I will post photos onto my blog when they become available, and also I will post a blog every week, sometimes more regularly.
Okay, bye for now!
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