Tamagotchi Updates – March 25, ads and stuff

Okay. There is a whole list of things I have to put on this page. It could take a while.
  • Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3 – scheduled to hit America May 1, 2008. Meaning in Australia, where I live, a September release. Unfortunately I can’t find an English ad, so here is the Japanese advertisement for it:


  • Tamagotchi V5.5 – I recently emailed Funtastic Ltd. about the Tamagotchi V5.5, and they haven’t replied yet as far as I know. I also emailed Bandai UK about it, and they haven’t replied. When they do, I’ll tell you what they say to my questions, and I’ll say what the questions are. I’m also looking for the Japanese ad. And I cant find it, but if I do find it I’ll post it in another blog.


  • Tamagotchi V5 – I am probably going to get an American design (space adventure to be exact) Tamagotchi V5 next week! Yay! Not from eBay or anything; my uncle is going to America and might get one for me. I asked him to get one, so he might. Anyway, I’ll post a picture of that if it comes, but for now, I finally found a good-quality video of the English Tamagotchi V5 Commercial, which is below.

And the Japanese one; click on this link – http://bandaitv.jp/streaming/famitamapv_id9qth.asx

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