Tamagotchi Anime (Saa Ikou Tamagotchi) (4-12, cant find 1-3)


Tamagotchi Anime 4:

A Day in the Pachi Forest. No words except for the Vending Bird explaining what she’s selling, so no need for translation. Just relax, kick back with a nice "coffee milk", and enjoy!

Tamagotchi Anime 5:
Mametchi and KuroMametchi’s teams are about to do battle in the annual school field day. Which team will win? And what is the fabulous prize promised to the winner by school Principal Mimizu Kocho?

Tamagotchi Anime 6:
Mamametchi leaves Chamametchi at home while she runs some errands. Chamametchi is watching TV when strange things start to happen…leading to her transformation into Chama Girl! Can Chama Girl defeat the humungous Gumatchi that threatens Mame City??

Tamagotchi Anime 7:
Looking back at how Memetchi and Flowatchi became friends, and how much they’ve changed since then.
Mametchi was inviting everyone to go to the mall with him. Most other’s readily accepted, but KuroMametchi coolly declined. Gozaruchi thought his actions were strange, but Makiko, Ringochi, and Young Mametchi marveled over how cool and smart he was (before quickly repremanding themselves, as card carrying members of the Mametchi fan club). Memetchi said that they were like rivals, but Mametchi just called KuroMametchi an important friend.
Tamagotchi Anime 8:
Next we cut to a scene with Ciaotchi merrily walking along, before being rudely accosted by Bankaratchi. She tries to get around him, but Bankaratchi cuts her off. Ciaotchi says "You won’t let me pass?" Bankaratchi says "That seems to be the cas…" before being swiftly taken down from behind by KuroMametchi. Ciaotchi says thanks and walks away. As Bankaratchi tries to talk to Ciaotchi once more, KuroMametchi twists him down again, and a note with a heart and a picture of Ciaotchi on it falls down. Seeing that he has misread the situation, KuroMametchi picks up the note, runs after Ciaotchi, and hands her the note saying, "It’s from him." KuroMametchi goes back to Bankaratchi and helps him, saying "Sorry about that." As Bankaratchi gets up, he notices that Ciaotchi is reading his love letter, and cries tears of joy. He tries to thank KuroMametchi, but like The Eagles, he’s already gone.

The next morning at school, Bankaratchi is on his knees, passing a letter with a heart on it to Kuromametchi, and begging to let him call him "Aniki" (literally meaning "big brother", "Aniki" is also a yakuza term used for someone you admire and respect greatly). Makiko comments that KuroMametchi is popular with the boys as well as the girls, and the cartoon ends with a picture of a troubled KuroMametchi, and a happy Ciaotchi skipping into the room from behind.

Tamagotchi Anime 9:
The meeting of the Mametchi Fan Club has come to order! First RIngotchi tells her tale of Mametchi’s greatness. Then Makiko tells her story of how Mametchi resolved the question "Who’s hair is more curly: Makiko or Memetchi?" But the conclusion is interrupted, first by Ringotchi’s version ("Why are you fighting? Your smiles are so much more charming!"), then by Young Mametchi’s imagined version of the story (scientifically proving they are the same).

So what actually happened? That’s up to you to imagine for yourself…

Tamagotchi Anime 10:
This is the hardest of all the tamagotchi anime series to follow, as it is mostly a bunch of Japanese puns that don’t translate well into English. But anyway, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi are selected for "Play with the Gotchi King for a Day" But they are warned to not make the king laugh, or his shell will crack! Lots of Japanese puns follow (the King himself is done in by his own at the end), but even if you can’t understand them, you can enjoy the great slapstick comedy of Kuchipatchi.
Tamagotchi Anime 11:
The tamagotchi’s are looking for a birthday present for their teacher, GoRippa Sensei. But they all forget about the budget…fortuately, Chamametchi has a solution.
Tamagotchi Anime 12:
The final video of the "Saa Ikou! Tamagotchi!" anime series. When the last tamagotchi goes to sleep, Tamatown itself comes to life! What do the buildings do? They watch the dreams of the Tamagotchi!

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